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As of May 2012

/ The Landmark remains / the building itself is transformed to meet the demands of the future. Avinguda Diagonal 640 becomes Alta Diagonal; with the complete refurbishment of one of Barcelona’s most distinctive buildings a new milestone in the city’s history will be created. /

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Josep Ma. Fargas (Tous i Fargas) & Jordi Badia (BAAS):
The visionary and his legacy


The comprehensive refurbishment signifies a mark of respect for the great architect and building’s creator Josep Ma. Fargas (Tous i Fargas). Lending a new interpretation to his vision: Jordi Badia (BAAS), one of Barcelona’s best known modern architects, has embraced the building’s original design and further developed it with great sensibility. Alta Diagonal: a combination of timeless values and modern architecture that points the way to the future. /

From Avinguda Diagonal 640 to Alta Diagonal

01 / Entrance / The new entrance opens the building to the outside. It functions as a large gateway leading one from the hectic of the city to an oasis of peace and tranquillity. /

02 / Lobby / The breath taking impact of the vast lobby, flooded with light, is unmatched in any building in the city. Alta Diagonal greets its tenants and visitors with its exceptionally attractive ambience of natural materials and airy spaciousness. The central reception area and security desk provide immediate an orientation for visitors. /

03 / Cafeteria / The café in Alta Diagonal provides a particularly inviting space for both communication and relaxation. Visitors will enjoy carefully prepared delicacies, either within the attractively designed café space or the beautiful outside terrace. /

04 / Conference Centre / The new conference centre within Alta Diagonal provides for events of all type and sizes. An added bonus that will both support your organisation and enhance its image! /

05 / Garden / In the middle of Barcelona’s busy city an oasis of calm has been created. The design of Alta Diagonal’s garden, full of variety and luscious greenery, invites the user to take a break or enjoy a moment or two of quiet contemplation. /

06 / Sanitary facilities / The considerable upgrading of the sanitary facilities is part and parcel of the comprehensive refurbishment of Alta Diagonal. It goes without saying that water saving technology is included. /

07 / Air Conditioning / To achieve a particularly high level of climate control Alta Diagonal is equipped with state of the art cooling, heating, ventilation and filtration systems. Access to individual energy management controls ensures that environmental conditions are matched to the needs of each tenant. /

Alta Diagonal – just step inside!
Avinguda Diagonal 640 – in the heart of Barcelona

Avinguda Diagonal 640

Alta Diagonal – previously Avinguda Diagonal 640 – is a dominant landmark, taking its place as one of Barcelona’s most famous buildings. Located at the top, north-western end of Avinguda Diagonal on the mountainside, it is one of the main arteries of the Catalonian capital. In his visionary work twenty years ago the star architect, Josep Ma. Fargas (Architecture Tous i Fargas), created the inspiration for a building that combined opposites: sea and mountains, business and lifestyle, bustle and calm, inside and outside. /

Space for your ideas –
Space for your business!
  • / The property has a total lettable area of 28,419 sq m
  • / Office space currently available from approx. 2,800 sq m
  • / The maximum contiguous space is approx. 1,001 sq m
  • / Space divisible from approx. 241 sq m

The Café

/ At the heart of the building and the central meeting space with a generous terrace and access to the beautiful courtyard garden: the new Café of the Alta Diagonal draws people in and brings them together. For lunch, for a quick meeting or just for that short break between. /

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Get to know Alta Diagonal personally!
More than ever, ALTA DIAGONAL will be one of Barcelona’s principal landmarks. /
Look forward to new possibilities – we are here for you! Just call us. /
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